Meet the Team

The FCB Radio Network is home to some of the most talented and accomplished personalities in the world. Award winners, professors, CEOs and world renowned commentators are among the members of our roster. Meet them below

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Darvio "The Kingpin" Morrow

Founder & CEO

Co-Host of The Outlaws Radio Show

A decade plus year veteran of the radio and entertainment industries, Darvio's radio career started in 2005 at Radio One. Since then, Darvio has been at Sportstalk Cleveland, Salem Media Group, and ESPN Radio Cleveland as well as launching several successful radio shows and running multiple digital radio stations. Darvio is a two time Ohio Hip-Hop Award nominee and an Ohio Media School graduate.


Jessica "Lavish" Fleming

Co-Host of The Outlaws Radio Show

Known for her expertise in pop culture and entertainment, Jessica keeps the show on top of current events and the hottest celebrity gossip. A graduate of the Ohio Media School, Jessica Lavish started her broadcast career at Salem Media Group. Jessica is also a live events DJ who had a stint at J. Sabol Entertainment and is now currently at C Town Entertainment.

ewill browns

Eric "E-Will" Williams

Co-Host of The Outlaws Radio Show and Necessary Roughness

A former co-host of the PowPow Radio Show, E-Will brings considerable talent and energy to the game. E-Will also brings the hilarious stories from ("that's stuppid with 2 p's") and others to the show. E-Will, a former high school football player, is one of the best in the industry at understanding the NFL, football statistics, the NBA and more. On August 6th 2017, FCB debuted "Necessary Roughness", a sports talk show on ESPN Mansfield led by E-Will.


Todd Allyn

Host of The Todd Allyn Show

Professor Todd Allyn serves as the host of The Todd Allyn Show. A radio veteran, Todd has previously had stints at Salem Media Group and WINT-AM. A former television host and a book writer, Todd brings his wealth of knowledge and experience (along with his wit) to the program.



Co-Host of The Todd Allyn Show

Known by her nickname "Lady Godiva", Wadzi brings flavor and energy to The Todd Allyn Show. Wadzi has a degree in broadcasting and also serves as an educator. Her trademark style, elegance and sass appeals to her many female fans and supporters


Khalid Namar

Co-Host of The Todd Allyn Show

Known as "The Conservative Sage" from his political commentary, Khalid Namar is the co-host of The Todd Allyn Show. Khalid is a former songwriter for artists such as Bobby Womack as well as a former comedy show promoter, ex amateur boxer and a whole host of assorted things. Khalid brings a wealth of knowledge in his trademark opinionated way. Khalid was formerly on WINT-AM and has made an appearance on the Glenn Beck Program.


Marybeth Glenn

Host of The Political Refugee

Marybeth Glenn is a Christian, Phil Collins fan, pie aficionado and political commentator -- in that order. She is neither Republican nor Democrat, and as a result will not hesitate to call out either side when they get out of hand. She's been featured on major media outlets such as MSNBC, Red State, Elle, Vox, The Huffington Post, Us Weekly, Teen Vogue and many more. Marybeth is also the lead blogger at


Jeremy "So Tru" Merritt

Co-Host of Tru 2 The Game

One of the sharpest sports minds in the industry, Jeremy "So Tru" Merritt brings his knowledge, skill and style to the show "Tru 2 the Game". A former coach and athlete, Jeremy has a relatability that most sports commentators do not have. Jeremy speaks with the voice of today's urban sports fan.


Christie Maggard

Co-Host of Necessary Roughness

Christie fell in love with Cleveland after working for The Cleveland Browns in 2006. She has been a swimmer all her life up to and including college with 3 varsity letters as an NCAA athlete. Christie also holds a degree in Sports Management from Ohio Northern University. She is a coach, lifeguard and swim lesson instructor. If she had any free time it would be spent working out, fighting human trafficking or eating.


"The" Brian Blankenship

Co-Host of Necessary Roughness

"The" Brian Blankenship is co-host of Necessary Roughness on ESPN. Brian is one of the resident sports experts and is known for being a walking encyclopedia of all things sports. A former rapper, Brian is multitalented and well-versed in all sorts of topics in multiple genres.


Jermonte Simmons

Intern of Necessary Roughness

Jermonte Simmons is the "young gun" of Necessary Roughness. A high school athlete, Jermonte is highly motivated to present his view point on the sports news of the day. Jermonte has been involved in the media since he was a preteen and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field in a short period of time


Alexis Nunn

Host of Take Two

Alexis Nunn is the co-host of Take Two. A teen arts prodigy and graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts, Alexis has interviewed important and popular figures locally, regionally and nationally. She was a member of the non-profit Eyes Have It Media Group's groundbreaking iMedia program and has performed at Cleveland State University and elsewhere. She has been featured in the Collinwood Observer and is a 4-H alumni.